Our farm

Animals on our farm

Usually farmers in Valle di Iscarco are milk producers. This is also our business and therefore you can find cows on our farm. Furthermore we grow calves.

And did you know that Lydia, Sissi and co need to be milked and foraged twice a day? As you may see on a farm there is a lot of work.

If you like you can get involved in the everyday life of a farmer participating in his work.

If you are lucky you may help feeding a little calf which has just arrived. It is a real unique experience!

Obviously on a farm there are also hens. Every day it is possible to collect fresh eggs from their nests.

Moreover, there are some cats which hide themselves on our farm: on one hand, they love their freedom, but on the other hand they are also keen on caresses and pets.

Our little bunnies Max and Flocki also love it to be caressed and pampered a lot.

Children dreams

For children there is on the Jagerhof much to discover and experience.

The holiday quickly becomes an unforgettable experience….

  • Steeling the eggs from the nest
  • feeding a calf with milk
  • to cherish a rabbit or a cat
  • feeding cows with hay
  • let off steam in the playground around the house
  • jumping in the hay
  • snacking fresh berries…

Furthermore children need space where they can run and play …. This you can find plenty on our farm .

All these contribute to make the holiday a real adventure.

On request we offer also a service of babysitting.

Pleasure at our farm

Do you love to flavor your dishes with fresh and biological products?

If yes, then you are on the right place!

With pleasure you may take advantage of:

  • Fresh milk in the morning and in the evening
  • Fresh eggs every day
  • Fresh herbs from our garden
  • Fresh season vegetables from our garden
On request we provide you with fresh bread and croissant.

All this contributes to make your holyday a pleasant stay.

Furthermore, let you pamper with homemade cakes and candies typical from South Tyrol!

Sometimes you can expect a nice surprise from our home-made confectionary.

In spring and summer grows up a lot of wild herbs. You can find them in our garden, in the forest or in the meadows. They are rich of vitamins and minerals.  

It’s easy and uncomplicated to create some tea, pesto, seasoned salt, or a tasty cream cheese with fresh herbs.

It would be a pleasure for us to pass on our knowledge.